Spring Break Is Sooner Than I Thought!

In my last post i said 3 1/2 weeks until I see my Marine, well I counted wrong. Spring break is 2 weeks and 5 days away! I am so ecstatic I can't see straight. I don't understand how I miscounted that many days but knowing its sooner than I thought makes me feel better about the time I have left. I can't wait to be in his arms. Spring break will be so amazing. I'm flying there on the 22nd of April. I have been on planes before but this will be my first time on one by myself. I have to go through the Atlanta airport which scares me to death because it is HUGE! I know when he picks me up at the air port I'm gonna through my stuff down and jump on him. He has already planned to take me to the aquarium and we are going to go to the beach. I'm so so excited. He also said he had something very important to ask me when I get there so I'm ready to find out what he is talking about. I think I already know what it is though. My mom was joking around with me today and said she wouldn't be suprised if I came back from North Carolina engaged. I'm only 18 and a senior in high school but the thought of marriage doesn't scare me at all. In fact I couldn't dream of marrying anyone but him! I'll be sure to let all you ladies know the scoop when I get back.
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2 Responses Mar 23, 2011

I'm so excited! My parents adore him. I'm so ready to see him. I miss him like crazy!

Aw in a month you're going to finally see your man!! thats so exciting im so happy for you!! OMG engaged? Wow your mom seems pretty lenient about it! Im a senior in highschool too, 18, but my parents want me married at 23 at the very least. I dont think we're going to wait that long. And its been 2 months since i saw my marine, itll be another 2 months until i see him again :/ blahh...because my protective parents wont let me see him. I hope you have an amazing time with him, it goes fast!! I saw my man for a short weekend back in february right before his mct graduation.