Liberty Next Weekend.

i cant wait till i get to see him next weekend!! im going crazy! i really hope he passes his test so he for sure has liberty :(

but anyway. things are really good.

he said he has something to tell me when i see him and i hate when people do that to me because it gives me anxiety to wait.. ugh

he said it would make me happy.. but wtf just tell me!??!!?



ill get you all updated
KimberlyMarie KimberlyMarie
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2 Responses Mar 27, 2011

haha it wasnt a "we need to talk" it was more like. i need to tell you something thta will make you happy. its stupid lol

lol i totally get this it's kind of like the 'we need to talk' line a week before you can actually see him it drives me nuts as well - try forget about it and good luck!!