Introducing The New Additions

Hello everybody

Alright so for a quick update I know Storm has told everyone, before I had to drop kick her out the hospital so she could go on holiday, that I eventually had my little horrors who are like two little baby faced assassins, no I’m lying they so not that lol!! they are healthy and beautiful and I never ever thought I could love two little bundles of soft so much in my life as I do them yes they handful and never sleep unless they right next to each other I’m not kidding the nurse told me that they tried and they just cried and cried until they put them together then they stopped and cuddled and slept my first reaction why did you do that and why did you make them cry for so long lol I’ve become extremely territorial lately!! This isn’t the point though judging by the email I’ve received you all dying to know so thanks girls so much for the support and well wishes I feel like you all part of this I’ll get back to you properly later I promise! But first let me introduce to you two new additions they cant speak or wake up for more than ten minutes and generally their daily routine consists of sleeping eating and crying but give them sometime they only 4 days old!!

Firstly we have Bean who is a little boy of 17 inches and 5 pounds no his name isn’t Bean his name is Jordan Blake Sutton. Jordan was followed 2 minutes later by his little Dot who kind of shot out me lol thank god!! Dot is a little girl of 16 inches and 4.5 pounds her name isn’t Dot but Savannah Jade Sutton. They are smaller and lighter than they should be our Dr told us not worry the growth spurts will start before we even know it!! they have jet black hair and blue blue eyes when they opened. As for everything else I’ve been a huge baby myself and have not stopped crying Jason just laughs and says I’d normal say you a big wimp but after what you’ve been through I’ll make an exception you officially my new hero which made me cry more!!

I don’t know if I’m crazy or just normal but I cant get enough of them  I feel like at any second I’m about to wake up and find everything is a dream I’m so happy and even more happy that I did this with Jason and Jason is the one standing right beside me I love my life I love our kids and most importantly I love my husband to death I really think that I’m the happiest person in the world right now and could not be more grateful for what I have in it because I really don’t want to change a single thing nothing its perfect!!! honeslty for the first time hormones and all i know everything will be all right because Jason and i are a team and we'll always figure it out someway or another!

Jason however didn’t come out this whole thing unscathed he’s slightly injured but we expect a full recovery with in days lol!! no I’m kidding he was amazing I swear if it wasn’t for him I would have given up long before I actually pushed he held my hand through the whole thing and at one point he was like ok Sam switched hands I think you killed this one I had no idea what he was talking about until the next day I saw his hands – I bruised his hands people as in those purple sore things you get when you walk into things I did that!! when I saw them he just laughed and was like seriously dude I don’t care I really don’t! i didn't even know i was squeezing him that hard when i told him i didn't even hold on that tight and Jas is like girlfriend i was just as surprised as you, you pretty strong when you want to be, i still cant believe it there's no way but judging by his hands apparently it is lol!!

As for me I’m less of a whale and now more of a blob but that’s fine I think in the last month of being pregnant I was over it and then I went into labor and I was definitely over that the minute it started and honestly right now blob is like nothing compared to this it’s so worth the blob!! By the way all the old wives tales on how to go into labor don’t work but work it if you getting pampered and I definitely tried thank god I didn’t try the caster oil because I think I’d still be sick lol the thing that got me going was the first good nights sleep in a while apparently I was being fooled!!! Ok so I need to go Jordan just opened his eyes and is about to wake up Savannah and all hell is about to break loose in about two seconds. I hope you all doing well and you all happy! Oh Jas and I have decided to go to Boulder for of the 10 year reunion and for Jordan and Savannah to meet the rest of the family I cant  wait to start showing them off!!! I tried posting the photo on here but it didn’t work watch my profile picture it should follow shortly!

Love you girls!


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They are beautiful and I love their names :) Congratulations to you and Jason.

They are so AMAZING Sam!!!!!!!! So cute and awesome. That's so amazing with everything that's happened. You'll be an amazing Mom, no worries :D

Your twins are beautiful, congratulations on being a Mommy!!!

Congratulations! They're soo precious and reading how happy you are just made me melt! Enjoy every second with them!<333

They are beautiful girl! Cutest twins I have ever seen! Congrats on being a new mommy! I hope it's everything you hoped it would be!

Sam, Oh my goodness i know i just wrote you a novel but i had to say on here too that they are the most precious little ones i have ever seen. Congratualtions again to you and Jason!!!! I am over the moon with excitment for yall and your new little bundles of joy. =)

thanks girls!!

Those babies are beautiful! Congratulations!

Aww your babies are ADORABLE!!!! Congratulations!!

lol i know it's crazy and i'm about to start crying again dam it!! thank you they have already wrapped us around their little fingers!!!

Sam, they're GORGEOUS! And yes, you're completely normal for all those motherly feelings. You're a MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!

YAY IT WORKED - Jordan is on the left and Savannah is hiding!!