Its Official

so its offical, my boyfriend is all set to be a marine. he just finished his stuff today, and everything is all set. he sid he might be going to leave for boot camp in july, or nov, and it means that we have to figure out everything because its going to take sometime to let it settle.  the more i think about it though the more i realize that i want to marry him. i don't care what anyone else thinks anymore.  I want to be with him and I know that if I don't I will regret what could have been. I love him.
semper fi<3
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I totally get u girl. As u know i want to marry my marine. Your just so lucky he feels the same way, cherish every moment of that cuz u dnt want to regret anything :) <br />
Semper Fi <br />

My boyfriend is leaving in July for bootcamp too. I know exactly how you feel. Eric hasn't even left for camp yet and the marines has already made us so much closer & we want to be married & everything too :) just keep staying positive & cherish the time you guys have together before camp :) <br />
Semper fi forever <3<br />

Hi! I have just gone through this..the whole making weight and going to MEPS deal, very stressful. Stay positive and support him, enjoy every single second you have with him until the time comes, take tons of pictures and remind him of how much you love him! <br />
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We'll be around the same time of situation so i know we'll stay in touch.<br />
Semper fi <3