Bad Thoughts..

sometime I have WAY too much time to just sit and think...well pretty soon bad thoughts just come rushing into my head.... I completey trust my marine and we have never had any arguments....I am so completely in love with him and him with me. We both know we will marry eachother and we are getting engaged soon....but why do these thoughts of him cheating on me come into my head? and as soon as I start feeling that then my eye tear up and I just about lose it...but he has given me not one reason to worry....does anyone else feel like that ever? then once I think about this I think about how I can't live without him...he is my everything.... <3 semper fi
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Thanks girls! I am staying postiive! :) this helps out so much!

I do it, too. Granted my marine and I have breached that trust barrier. So far him and I haven't had any other issues. We talk more about things that make us feel insecure and that helps with the feeling of mistrust. I love Anthony so much. He has brought so much happiness into my life and I couldn't imagine my world with out him. I think that's why we get so freaked out, because these men have walked into our lives offering us happiness and love we just don't want to imagine them taking that away. But girl from what I've read in your stories it sounds to me like you have nothing to worry about. He sounds like a great guy and sounds like the two of you have a fantastic relationship. Don't let that negative energy get to you. I think that it's good that you don't tell him, though. That makes you a good military girlfriend. Our men have enough **** to stress over.<br />
Keep it up! Semper Fi!

I know exactly what you mean when I have too much time to just sit and think sometimes my mind starts to think that he is cheating on me even though i know he wouldn't and there aren't very many girls where he is at.

thanks sonicgirl061610! I just don't know why I even think it...i have no reason to! I've never have told my marine I have these thoughts because he's done nothing wrong. He adores me and tells me everyday.....I'm thinking I feel this way because of bad past relationships.

WOW! I was just going to write earlier about the same thing! I feel like i'm going crazy and don't even know what to do. He says I keep picking fights and he is probably right :( <br />
I know exactly what you are saying girl <3<br />
Semper Fi!