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my boyfriend is in bootcamp right now. his cousin just passed away this afternoon. He as 20 like us and he was a brother to my boyfriend and now hes gone & my bf isnt gonna have anyone there 4 him i don't even know what to say to him, any advice?
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my boyfriends at boot camp right now too! and believe me i have friends in every branch of the military (no joke) and your letters need to keep him motivated, because everyday is a hardship and something like that may put him over the edge. If his family told him just support him and just keep putting thru his head you love him and hes going to be a great marine

Thank you all! His mom and dad and I decided we weren't going to tell him yet. Mostly because hes in the end of stage 1 right now when hes most vulnerable. It's just so sad it's something we was never going to expect. I am just not looking forward to when he write sean a letter or asks me how he's doing because I normally would see him on the weekends.

I think that you shouldnt tell him. You should let his family decide on that one. If they want to tell him or not. But the one thing that you can do is once he does know let him know that you wanted to tell him but it wasnt your place to say anything. Then be as supportive as you can. If he needs send him pictures of them together that kind of stuff. talk about the happy times dont dwell on the fact that his cousine is gone. He is gonna be crushed that he wasnt there for the funeral or anything. So just keep his spirits lifted. Try to comfort him the best you can through letters. and if he lash out and is angry be ready for that too. You dont have any idea how he is gonna take something like this. But do not be the one to tell him. This is his families job on this one. Good luck i know this is gonna be a hard time for all of yall. <br />
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the only thing you can do is be supportive and tell him its never going to the same without him but remember the good, the memorys and he lives through u guys. Would he want u guys salking or living for him? <br />
I hope this helped <br />
Semper Fi <33

I am so sorry :(<br />
I lost my uncle a few years ago, and my grandpa isnt so good either.<br />
You have to be careful what you write in your letters to him in boot camp, because they are fragile there, being away from one for the first time for so long without much communcation. If its really paining you i would tell him because its a big deal, or if you rather wait to tell him until you're with him then you can also have the option of that. Someone should always write positive letters to them while in boot because they are stressed out and learning so much to graduate. Because once you tell them something negative it really reallyy hits them harder then it normally would. If you do tell me, be careful how you write it. I hope that helps. If you want to talk or anything id love to help, thats so much stress to lose someone :( feel free to message me if you'd like. My boyfriend graduates boot camp in early december last year