Field Ops

Well today went on a field op for two weeks. He was really pissed off about it because he originally didn't have to go. They also told them absolutely NO phones or means of communication while on the field op. This was just the icing on the cake for him. He was so mad that he won't be able to talk to me for two weeks. We were on skype and the phone for hours last night. I told him that even though he wouldn't get them I would text him anyway and that seemed to help him. I hope these two weeks go by quickly for him! Well thats all I have for now ladies. Talk to yall soon!
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5 Responses May 8, 2011

My husband went on field op this morning. I hate them so much. But it is only for 4 days.

I hate field ops. <3 :(

Thats exactly what I told him duhsers haha. He said he was gonna try to make the best of it. He will survive. If I can survive without hearing from him he can survive from not being able to talk to me lol.

Haha tell him what my MIL tells my husband: "suck it up, cupcake!"<br />
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It's one thing for us to get whiney about them gone, another for him to! This is his job now. Last minute field ops, no communication for weeks, etc. And when in doubt, think "at least it's not a deployment yet!"

Mine went out for the field today too. He text me early this morning before their convoy left. He was allowed to take his phone with him, although reception out there sucks. 2 weeks are gonna fly girl:-)