Book Review For "confessions Of A Military Wife" By Mollie Gross

Ladies this book is AMAZING!!! It helps you laugh during times you just want to break down and cry. She addresses several issues that military wives and SOs face. On a high note she is a Marine wife so the book is centered around her time in the Silent Ranks with the Corps. I read it in just two days. I highly reccomend it. Oh and for you ladies who are learning to speak "Marine" she included a glossary of different acronyms in the back of the book, sooooo hepful. I don't wanna give away too much but she has one or two exerps of the book on her website I'm telling you this book helps especially if you are currently going through a deployment. It will have you laughing, crying and nodding in agreement all at the same time! It truly is a great book for ladies in our position. Its $13.95 used on amazon. I really hope yall check it out, Oh she is a hilarious comedienne too! Look her up on youtube. You will **** your pants from laughing so hard!

Semper Fi!
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Confessions of a Military Wife by Mollie Gross is an honest, witty and often hilarious look at the life of the new generation military wife. Mollie, the wife of a former Marine Corps officer, is a standup comedienne and public speaker. In her book, she explores everything from deployment and the stress of having a husband in a combat zone, to the realization that marriage changes when your husband returns from war. Mollie shows that all women, civilian or military, can learn to find the funny side of anything by embracing the situation and changing their perspective.

I'm going to have to look into getting this book!!

I saw her on youtube, soooo funny!!

I read it at Barnes and Noble, I thought it was a little crude. She talks a lot about her irritable bowel syndrome and hemhorroids other things I thought were gross/TMI. But it all depends on your kind of humor. <br />
<br />
This is a quote from the book thats on amazon....<br />
"I remember when I hit rock bottom. There I was with no make-up on, hadn't showered, eating raw cookie dough out of the tube, hitting on the toothless bagger at the commissary, and ordering jewelry off the TV. And that was just my first day!"<br />
<br />
So if you think it's funny to handle a deployment by not showering, over-eating, flirting with other guys and spending all your husband's money... then I just don't get it. But after 157 reviews on amazon, it's got 5 stars, so obviously I'm in the minority on this opinion. Most people seem to love it. Just thought I'd give a warning to those that aren't really into this kind of humor...

I had seen this book mentioned several times before but after your review I decided to get it. You download it on your kindle for little over 9 dollars. I started reading it this morning at work because I had nothing else to do and it is a good thing no one else was around. I almost fell out of my chair laughing several times already and I am not very far into it. Thank you for posting this review!

I just ordered it! :)

lol wow you'd do well in PR lol i'm kidding i'm going to check it now!!!

is it only on amazon? i would like to buy it soon! i need to learn the Marine language lol

I need to get this book ASAP!