im really missing my man :( i almost feel like i cant bear this any longer!! i just want him right now!!! and it keeps getting harder! i was staying busy but i cant find myself wanting to really do anything except wait for his call or email!! i hate this and i want him home safe & sound!! how does everyone deal with deployments?
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just make a schedule for when yall can talk!! my bf is also stationed in NC and we have to make a certian time to call each other. it helps to have the time set to call!! hope this helps

Thanks guys. Its really nice to know theres others out there who feel the same way. Im trying not to get so mad. there is nothing wrong with our relationship we are pretty happy (i mean for being so far apart) sometimes i just freak out and think hes gonna end up like my parents and ya i just gotta remember hes NOT them! he makes me feel like no one ever has! i just dont ever want to lose him! and so many relationships go to ****...i just dont want that to happen. but i guess i just gotta live it day by day

Im in a simular position, my boyfriend has a room with 3 other roommates, and they go to bed early. So when I've called him before, he won't answer and i get SO mad. I always forget its later where he is because of the time difference, but it still makes me so mad that he won't step into the hall or something just to talk to me. Are there other things wrong with youre relationship? Because you shouldn't break up just because he doesn't call you back. Tell him to call in you in the morning instead of at night or something. Unless hes not treating you right, then its just whatever you feel is right.

I have a similar story.. My boyfriend is always with his friends doing things or he is with his best friend who talks to my marine more then i do it seems sometimes... it gets on my nerves but i always have to think he has a stressful job and needs a break... with that said i have addressed it saying that because i live in a different state that even more then other relationships we need to communicate and talk more. It seemed to work but i guess we'll see in the long run.