Just Got My First Letter

I just and checked the mail this morning and my first letter was there. I am so happy. I can write him now. It is great to hear from him. I have been so worried that i wouldnt hear from him. Afraid that maybe he had forgotten to bring my address but he didnt. I am overjoyed right now.
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9 Responses May 14, 2011

Thanks yeah it does. I am sending him one tomorrow.

HAHA I currently stalk the mailman! Well it's usually a girl and she comes between 2:45 and 3:15. lol. But I remember getting my first letter! I actually got 2 the first time. I opened the mailbox and just started crying. I was so excited! I'm happy for you! It makes things a little bit easier.

haha. thats hella funny. i would stalk the mailman. id wait until ten oclock. then look out my window. & hes mailman truck always there. & then id wait for him to come. drop the mail in my mailbox. & then run to it after he left. i didnt want him to think i was waiting for him. haha. but it is the best feeling. :)

LOL! Yeah i have been waiting for weeks for the first letter so i can start writing him.

i would like to welcome you personally to the club of now running to your mailbox everday and memorzing the mailmans scedule<br />
i am also a memember : )

Thank you! It was so good to see that letter in the mailbox this morning.

yay! congrats girl! :D

Yes it is very much.

One of the best feelings :)