Well This Changes Everything

So yesterday my boyfriend was taking me to the doctors and on the way in he got a call from his recruiter. He leaves Tuesday. He wasn't supposed to until November 7, but his recruiter says that its a very big possability that he will be able to get in this Tuesday. There are 13 guys going, and the guy says they usually have at least one person who ends up not going because of weight or something. But even if he doesn't leave Tuesday the guy said he will defiantly be leaving June 6 which is the Monday of next week. so that is my big news. I'm scared but in the end i know this is what he wants to do and i want him to be happy. I love him with everything i have, and i know its going to be rough but i know we can do this. He makes me happy and proud. He isn't perfect but no one is. He's the one thing that i can lean on, even when he's not here. And i know that while he is at boot camp, i am going to work harder then i ever had to make sure he knows that i am proud of him. and I want him to be proud of me. I think i've decided to start doing some kinda military photography. I want to do something with my i guess you can call it talent and use it to make a change or impact, it won't be huge waves, that much i know, but just enough to at least make someone look at it and be like wow, I want to do that, be that. anything at really. i just want to be able to say i did something that will make people proud. 
wish me luck, my life is starting, fresh at least, i have more to live for, look up to.
Semper Fi<3
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2 Responses May 28, 2011

Thats the military for ya! 2 things everyone needs to understand and learn, #1. nothing is ever certain until your a$$ is on that truck. and #2. learn to expect getting F@#ked over in the military;-) in time youll see these are true to the extreme. lol sorry to hear this though. hopefully you guys get until the 6th so that you have more than 2 days to "prepare". hell i was supposed to ship on May 16th, then got changed to June 6th, now im moved until November-ish. not what i had planned. now i have to figure out where ill be living and working until November, except i was also told to expect and be prepare for my date to be changed again. farther or closer. *sigh* good ole uncle sam:-)

i can completly relate to this my boyfriend found out on st. pattys day he was leaving that sunday, not choice when he wasnt suppose to leave until th summer. I got a text during my class that day and burst out crying so i understand how you feel. Just make the best of the little time you do have left with him, and believe me only good can come from this. The sooner he leaves the soonr he can come home and trust me just stay busy, which you will be able to because its the summer.