A Little Help For A Young Marine Girllfriend?

well i just stumbled upon this and im hoping maybe yall can help me a little. here we go, well my names alison and i like the rest of you am a young marine girlfriend. Im only 17 and my marine is 19. i love him with all my heart. i realllly do. hes my absolute best friend in the world and after my last year of highschool i plan on moving to northcarolina to be with him (camp lejeune).  It just seems like when we spend long perioods of time apart we start to fight and i hate it. i dont know what it is, is this normal or should i be concerned?
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i'm 16 . 17 in 2 months. my marine is 19 he just left for boot camp last night. we are from indiana and he is going to california for boot camp. i feel really lost we've spent almost every day together for the past two years. any advice on how to get through this.

hey gurl!! i understand what ur talkin about. im 17 and my bf turns 19 this month. i also plan on moving to north carolina after my last year of highschool. <br />
when it comes to fighting we just gotta get used to it. spending long periods of time apart can cause frustration on both ends. ur basically both give out from whatever youve been doin and ur mentally tired bc you spend all ur time missing each other. me and my marine trevor fight sometimes but its usually after about 2-3 months of not seein eahc other. we just gotta understand that when we do fight with them were just wasting our time bc we could be spending time planning on seein each other. its just part of the lifestyle. you cant not fight bc if you do you will blow up on each other and say things you dnt mean. this is all coming from experience. im 9 months into this lifestyle. lol<br />
im here if you ever need to talk, vent or ask questions. maybe we will see each other in NC :)<br />
stay strong<br />

don't be worried. if you guys love each other as much as you say you do and i believe you then everything will work out. its stressful for them being in the Marines but its also stressful for us being their girlfriends. you just gotta let him vent when he needs to and make him understand that you're there and you're waiting for him through it all. you guys are young but everything will work out. just don't take arguments to the extreme. he really does need you even if sometimes it doesn't feel like it. and if you ever need to talk we're all here for you. =D