So Thankful!

For the girls here who understand what it's like to go through boot camp. Everyone keeps asking have you heard from him yet, or why are you worried he'll call soon... and I'm like umm the marines aren't guaranteed but one phone call home. It's been a pretty tough week, more or less I'm bored because we always did everything together when he was home and with him at boot camp I don't really have anything to do. I miss him the most when something exciting happens and I want to tell him about it and I now I just have to write it in a letter. Today was one of the better days (: I went to his house to visit his mom and we sat on the porch for 5 hours talking! She's a younger mom and is very laid back, she's more like my best friend. I know that I have one of the strongest support systems to get through this his mom, my two best friends and my experience project girls (:

if any of you need anything or just want to talk I'm here (:
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Hi ladies... I am here in South Carolina...for graduation tomorrow... saw my guy.... he lost like 20 pounds..super skinny...but still the most handsome guy ever :)<br />
Can't wait for tomorrow... :) when I can take him home :)... well we are staying until Saturday... and actually getting to know Savannah, GA a little bit and then going back to Maine. His leave got cut off by a now are just 9 days :( oh well

My boyfriend just left for bootcamp on the 6th and my friends keep asking me when he's gonna call me or write me, but they don't understand that the marines bootcamp is one of the toughest and that I might not get a letter for a while because he might be to tired to even lift a pen. I miss him so much but I don't feel like I can talk to any of my friends because they don't know what I'm going through. Luckily my brothers wife who I've know since I was 7, almost 11 years, went through the exact same situation with my brother. But this site is really helping

time did fly by bc i kept myself busy. you cant be spending time thinking about missing him, but that hes doing something great for his country. and write him everyday... i sent letters that said things like "getting rdy to go out with my girls... ill probally be getting about as much as you are on the island. I love you." just thing like that to put a smile on his face as well as say ur still faithful

bootcamp will fly by and b4 you know it you will be almost to the one year mark and look back and say wow weve made it one year lol im almost to that point :) <br />
anytime you need someone to talk to im here!! it rele helps to have ppl to talk to you!!<br />
stay strong <br />

Good luck to you and your boyfriend as he takes that last stretch to becoming a marine (: you are so lucky you're that close to seeing him! Did time fly by for you?

my bf started his crucible at about 4 am today so i understand completly what you are going thru<br />
no one understand marine bootcamp bc it is unlike any other military basic trining <br />
i wish him the best of luck in bootcamp bc it will be a hard 13 weeks for him and i hope you can stay strong <br />
if you need someone to talk to just send a message