You Girls Are Not Alone

hey ladies how are you gals ? well i know all of you guys are going threw that hardest situtaion having all your men leave i am a usmc gf and my bf is in japan i dont know when we will see eachother but hey i love him and i am willing to stick by his side no matter what well i know that there are days you guys just cant take it anymore and just cry and let it all out well the reason i am writing this is because i want to let you girls know that i would be gladly to talk to you ladies because i dont have anyone that i could talk to and i would love to meet girls that are in my situation and that could understand me and i would understand you girls too yea we go threw some tuff situtaions but its something that we are willing to put up with... i really hope for the best for all your men and i pray everyday for our men to be safe ...!/profile.php?id=100001235812580 here is my facebook if anyone would love to talk or if you guys need advise because you guys are not alone <3 :D
Karina009 Karina009
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 11, 2011

thats sooo sweet of you... i might follow u up on that