I used to love the night time but lately i hate it. My marine is currently at camp lejune before he leaves for Afghanistan. It sucks when he goes to bed early cause obviously he has to be up alot earlier then I do but still it leaves me with hours of missing him. The nights are tough for both of us I've had this conversation with him many times and it just sucks. I wish it could get better but it wont until he comes home and i mean for more then just two weeks. I miss waking up to his face and saying goodnight and i love you to him in person and to feel his arms wrapped around me. Next March cannot come fast enough! At least he is flying me down for the 4th of July so i get to see him for about 5 days, i'm so excited to see him again! Time to try and get some sleep.

To my fellow ladies goin through this...Semper Fi <3

rlapierre7 rlapierre7
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Aw hang in there you'll see him soon i also hate it but it just makes so much better when he is here and it happens lol good luck!!

Thanks :)