We Just Got A Letter, We Just Got A Letter Ha!

(oh yay for babysitting 2 year olds and their blues clues)

I hold my breath EVERY time I open the mailbox, praying I see a small white envelope. Today and Yesterday I was a lucky girlfriend and had one each (: I was very happy. I never knew that letters in a mailbox would mean so much! In one of my letters my boyfriend traced his hand in it! I made a copy and I traced my hand over it and am going to send it back haha (: We're only on week three and I'm so ready for graduation. I'm already worried about what I'm going to wear ha!

I hope all of you with bootcamp boyfriends are getting letters!
It's a very exciting feeling!
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5 Responses Jun 19, 2011

I've gotten a few letters, cause he promised he would write as much as possible and he never breaks his promises. I've been very lucky (: I have a countdown till graduation! I have about 65 days left ha! thats better than 85!

awww congrats girl!!! i loved getting letters :) we still send letters today even tho we can talk all the time lol its sooo sweet!

lol that never goes away i still stalk the mail man down the road when AJ isnt here!! and congrats enjoy graduations!!

well where we are there's like a 2 day mailing period. If he's at Parris Island all the mail goes through Savannah Georgia (: So hopefully you'll get one soon!!!

Thats great! I hope i get one, im not sure how it really works like the time length but very happy for you!