I Dont No What To Do

so my bf who is a marine, him and i usually text alot everyday even tho hes a base 4hours away  and last night i got a text from him around 12am and i went to text him back and my  cell just starts going crazy. so than i turned if off and back on. now the freaking phone doesnt work ... im pissed offf i paid 350 for that p.o.s phone. well anyways usually i text my bf when i wake up and today i could because i have no for until they send my new one in 7days .. to top it off something is wrong with my facebook and it wont let me go to my bf page it keeps saying broken link.  so i decided to go online an went to my tmobile account and text him  from there only problem is u can send but no recieve, so than i emailed him and no response back  and i ttexted him again from my online tmobile account telling him to email bc my phones broke and i wont get a new one until 7 more days , and still no response ,  what do yall think of this!!!! nothing is wrong with him nd our relationship .i just wanna no if im getting worried over nothing 
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Whoo hooo! Glad everything is well

my lover & i are fiine =] , when my phone broke, his facebook page stopped working , so i wne online to tmobile an onto my account to send him text msgs from there but he wasnt recieving them ..... but i went out today and bought a cheap phone until my new phone july 7... so long away =[ but atleast i get to talk to the love of my life, i said to him babeyy u werent worried that u wereent getting any text for you, " no i wasnt worried baby i new ud text me when u could i love & trust you there was nothing for me to worry about" but this is going to be two weekend in a row that i cant see him bc there making him work this weekend again GRRRR im just happy that i get to talk to him again=] ~semper fi~

I think you're worried over nothing.... Just give him some more time to respond. He may not have access to a computer to email you right now or not have internet on his phone. Some not so crazy reason.. nothing to worry about.

im sure everything is alright. i know how it is when you frantically wanna speak to someone important and the technology is effing up at the wrong time! happens all the time with me X___X if he doesnt check e-mail often that could be a reason. after seeing that u can only send texts he should e-mail soon

i hope soooo i miss him soo much thanks for commenting

Ya im sure everything is ok. Hes probably just buisy im sure he'll reply soon just give it some time. No worries