First Letter!! :)

So I got my first letter! Platoon 2078 2nd Battalion Fox company! So if all goes well he will graduate Sept 16th! I am so excited to finally heard from him!

I have a question though! This first letter was written in what looks to be "Marine paper" lol not sure if that makes sense. It was short, are all the letters going to be that way?

Thanks and Semper Fi :)
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so glad you heard from him! yeah my first few letters were on that marine paper too but then he started using regular paper..13 weeks will fly by and before you know it you will be at his graduation! p.s. his graduation date is the day before my birthday hahaha! stay strong girl it can be hard at times but its definetly worth it in the end!

haha yes, they will all be the same and short but just as absolutly thrilling to read everytime. It dosen't get old, my marine graduates in 3 weeks and my hands still shake everytime i get the mail and see a new letter from him, and don't stop shaking till 10 minutes after I read and reread the letter lol.

@nyalacannedy- Yea it's funny he told me to send him the stamps so I did. And yea I'll be going, it feels so far away but so close at the same time. I can"t wait :)<br />
@storm- yea I loved his letter no matter how short it was I was soo happy to finally receive the first one! :D

lol aw yay that's so exciting i love letters!! they are short though lol like 5 minute scribbles!!

aw! i read mine every night before i went to bed. i have like. this secret compartment thing on the side of my bed. & they are hidden in there. haha. send lots of pictures. & stamps. they only give them a certain amount at the beginning. then they tell them. get your own stamps. haha. are you going to graduation? :)

He is in Parris Island. & Yeap that same paper! Lol Yea he wrote on the back little notes and cute things that made me smile and every time I look at it I smile again :)

where is he? mine was at MCRD san diego. & ALLL the letters were on that paper. its like. little paper with pictures on the side? haha. i kept wondering when he was gonna send some regular paper letters. but he never did. & then when he came home. he had HELLA extra paper left over. its all the DIs give them. haha. but they can write small. & on the back to make the letters longer. i have 14. & most of them are short because they dont have a lot of time to write. but no matter how short it was. his letters always made me day! :D