Finally! I Cannot Stop Smiling!

Today we got my bf's address!!!! i dunno what 3d RTBn means but im happy to see it!!! I shall be sending off all 4 envelopes of my letters tomorrow! This is such a great feeling and I havent even recieved HIS letter yet :-) Semper Fi everyone!! (and its our 11 month anniversary! whooo hoooo)
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mine sounded fine lmfao hes an unusual character talking about they spit on him and he has cuts on his hands everyday :-/

My boyfriends also in the 3rd batallion at PI! I just got his first letter and he is the guide leader of his batallion so I'm sure they know each other!! He left the 27th as well. From his letter, he sounds miserable, in a good way!! I'm sure their doing awesome! He said the 3rd batallion is the most elite company.. still so new to all of this.. but he is part of Co K too (Kilo Company)! That means, they definitely know each other :) Congrats!! Be careful about pictures you send from what I've been told and also spraying perfume on letters! Apparently they give them hell for that.. I sprayed his bible down before mine left!! haha.

Mine sounded pretty miserable too! But he said everything is going good but really tough. He said he was home sick and missed me a lot!

yup! 3rd battallion makes machines! they bleed blue *i love saying that* he wrote in the letter that there's a lot of guys that help him i bet they know one another!! we will see at family day and the graduation! how exciting!

Mine left on the 27th also! and his address is 3rd rtbn plt 3072 co k!

thanks again everyone! i mailed off 14 letters in 4 envelopes and i hope that the DI's dont open any X__X

YAY!!! great newss!

My boyfriend leaves monday for paris island and yay happy anniversary :)

my boyfriend left on the 6 of june, he's been at boot for over a month, he's at parris island

PI! and thank you!

My fiance left on the 27th as well, where did both of yours get sent to??? Unless it's not boot camp lol. and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

27th! they could know each other!!

my boyfriend is in the same Battalion..when did your boyfriend leave

Thank you!! :'-)

Yay!! And Happy Anniversery!!

Recruit Training Battalion RTB :)

yeah i figured but the RT threw me off lol (slo moment)! YAY oncemore!! i want to rush out in the rain to mail his letters off but i shall wait till tomorrow

something around the lines of 3rd Battalion.:) & YAY!