The Wait Is Almost Over!

So shawn and I were texting earlier today and I asked him when he should find out wheres he's getting stationed..SOMETIME THIS WEEK he told me! Of course I am excited about the news cause it seems like we have been waiting forever to find out, but the more I think about it the more nervous I am getting. He could really go anywhere! It seems almost too good to be true that he will get stationed where he wants. I'm even gonna freak if its somewhere in Japan let alone California. I told him I would go with wherever he got stationed, but I'm hoping and praying he gets stationed on the east coast. North Carolina is still far from home..19 hours from Illinois but it would be a hell of a lot better then him being stationed somewhere overseas. Its definetly going to suck being away from family and friends though, but I'm excited to finally be with him, and have our little family together:) Any advice from you girls? Also, when I eventually move will the military move everything for us? Even if we decide to live off base will they still move it?
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4 Responses Jul 10, 2011

yes them might we never no with the corps haha, but yes i will keep you updated!

oh great! hopefully he finds out this week like he is supposed to! you will have to keep me posted on when you guys find out..i wish the best for you guys too! who knows, they might get stationed at the same place, haha!

i meant he has to be an e4 for you to be able to live with him in japan, same goes for hawaii

no the military will not move things for you but they should give him a 10 day leave to help you move, second if he gets stationed over in japan he has to be an e4 which is a corporal. also my huibby said last week he was suppose to get his orders wahh! he didnt.. we are still waiting also.. & no matter where he goes we will be far away from home:( but we are in the same boat right now.. so i wish for the best for you guys!