Something So Simple

So I got a pair of shorts back that I left at my "marine to be" house from when I was staying there. They smelled like him. The second I smelled them I started bawling. I feel so silly for crying over a pair of shorts, but its the worst feeling, sitting there crying because I miss him so much, and how something so simple as a pair of shorts to most people, is something that is such a big deal for me. I hate being away from him, and I cannot wait to be back in his arms cuddling every night<3. Its the only thing that is keeping me going
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2 Responses Jul 11, 2011

AJ and his brother look very similar and if you glance quickly you can kind of see family in them and last year was like our first deployment as a couple and it pretty much started off sucky anyway Aaron came to visit me to try and convince me to go to dinner with him and Jas and Sam and the minute he walked through the door i just started crying and he's like **** Storm what did i do now and i'm like nothing you did nothing - how do you even explain it lol. Anyway i kind of banned him from my life on the bad days and he refused saying that we made a pact a million years ago and just because he resembled someone i loved doesn't count and there's was no banning clause in our pact the reason we had a pact lol we have no frigging pact but he's a dork!! you are going to have those moments seriously and it's alright in few days you seriously going to laugh about it - you doing great i know you miss a lot but he'll be home soon!!

I totally understand what you mean!! Alex gave me some of his sweats and shirts before he left and I seriously sleep with them EVERYNIGHT. They smell like him and it just helps me missing him. Its the little things like these that help get thru each and everyday. :)