The Day Came So Fast

Well my boyfriend left to boot camp today July 11, 2011 at 3:45am. Honestly i knew this day would soon come but this just came by like a blink of an eye. Sunday was supposed to be a fun day at the beach but to tell you the truth as much as i tried all i could think about was monday morning and the fact that within hours i'd be watching my boyfriend of 4 almost 5 years drive off into reality and become what he always dreamed of, a Untied States Marine. im gna be honest, this is sooo hard to deal with because we've never been apart from each other for so long. these 3 months are gna feel like an eternity but i know this is for our own good. all i need and would appreciate is advice and support from anyone. this will make me experience easier. please and thank you. 
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Thank you girls. this really helps alot! I got 3 phone calls from him monday afternoon letting me know he isnt leaving til today due to not having enough space on the bus & the other one to say good night and giving me strength. and his final call was at 3:42 am letting me know that they were going to wait for the bus til this afternoon and he wont be able to call anymore. the last time ill hear from him is going to be from his parents letting me know he made it safe to san diego. this is just so surreal. i didnt cry as much when he left but this morning i just like like crying is all i want to do. im going to visit his mom today & i know i have to be strong for her. so we'll see how this goes and again i cant thank you girls enough. ill keep you guys updated on what goes on and when i get my first letter.

yeah it definetly is surreal..but like i said 13 weeks will go by and you will be at his graduation before you know it..just write him as much as you can when you get his address and remember, even though it may be hard sometimes to stay strong for him cause he will need you more then ever in the next 13 weeks..yes definetly keep me updated:)

Hey I'm elizabeth..and when my husband(boyfriend at the time) left for boot camp it was the hardest day of my life..i didnt get a first phone call from him which sucked but i couldnt tell you how excited i was when i got that first letter..all i did was cry..,make sure to write him as much as you can, and dont be upset if you go a week or 2 without a letter..they are very busy but you will hear from him dont worry..and just as fast as he had to leave he will be graduating before you know it! i am kind of new to this site too and all of the girls have been so helpful..we are all here for each other then you so dont hesitate to message anybody including me! hang in there girl, it is just as hard on him as it is on you, but you have to stay strong for each other..he will be back before you know it:)

Awh, hang in there girl. This site will be a great source of support for you while your boyfriend is away. I know it's hard to believe now but once you're able to send him letters and start receiving letters from him 3 months will fly by a lot quicker than you think. Your journey is just beginning and despite the challenges your relationship may face, in the end I think you'll find it worth while. Remember it takes a strong woman to be doing what you are doing; Patiently waiting and supporting your loved one. Keep the faith !