Ah!!!! I'm So Freaking Happy!!!!!!!

The best thing ever just happened!!!!! So as everyone knows Alex has been at boot camp for about a month now. And just like 5 min ago I got a call from a weird number and it was him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His DI let him make a call. He sounded so hoarse but it was AMAZING to hear his voice!!! He said he's in charge of his whole platoon which makes me 10000x more proud than I already am. This is exactly what I needed. Just wanted to share it with everyone!! Best thing EVER. :)
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the same thing happened to me ! is he in parris island ?

Aw that's awesome! His own platoon, eh? That's super cool!

Sooo happy for you girlie! Stay strong! <3

awwe im soo happy for you! glad hes doing well <3

Congrats!! I would love to hear from my marine! Someday, that's what I keep telling myself...

Omg congrats! I'm jealous! I want to hear from my boyfriend so bad!!!

awww yay!!!!!! That's how I felt this past weekend when I heard my man's voice. <br />
I'm happy for you that you got a call!

aww congratss!!!!!<3

Thanks!! It was really amazing to hear him:)

your sooo lucky! id do anything to hear my boyfriends.... im sooo happy for you though! :)

whooo hoooo!!! did your bf's voice sound any different besides hoarse? my bf called this week, to fax some paperwork over to his mother, when she told me that i was like WAHHH!!! DAMNIT HE CALLS WHEN IM NOT HERE FML. he couldnt talk much anyway T_T buttt his voice changed, he sounds like a grown man :0

Kinda he sounded really far away and tired:( but he did sound more manly. It was the best 5 min call of my life haha I got lucky Bc he called his mom first but she didn't answer so he called me!!

im happy for you! and congrats to your bf, he's doing great

Thank You!! :)



Thanks everyone!

thats great!! so happy for you! :)

I am so happy for you girly and u r truly lucky!

AAwwww. Your so lucky! I would do anything to hear from my Marine. Im so happy for you though (:

Aww i'm so happy for you that you got to hear from your man :) Just remember another day done is another day closer to when you get to see him!