My Crush Has Gone For Boot Camp

Well I'll start with a little bit of background.

I'm not his girlfriend yet, I've known him since high school and we were great friends, we would always flirt and what not with each other and I liked him ever since way back then.  We both started separate relationships though and went different ways. Then Finally about a month ago we start hanging out and we were inseparable. We both knew he was leaving for boot camp the 25th though (two days ago) we talked about how if we had more time we would make the relationship official, and we'd be a couple. And I just kept thinking well why can't we do that either way?

He left before I could tell him I could careless that he was leaving. A crush that has lasted this long- I've been out of high school for 2 years now- Is wroth giving it a shot for. I'm a bit paranoid i was just a quick fling before leaving, but he is so damn sweet and I can quote things he has said to me that would be proof it wasn't a fling. He said he'd try and write, i know i can expect the first letter to arrive within 2 or 3 weeks, but i don't want to dump any emotional crap on him. I know he's going need to focus and have a clear mind to pass all his tests (I've been reading a lot about boot camp) so I don't want my letters to be all worried and what not. I'd like to give him a break from his stress not add to it.

I guess I'm mostly worried that I have lost my chance. I'll wait 3 months that's not the problem. And after boot camp, I'll still wait for him, it'll be a little easier since he can use his phone and stuff again. I really want a chance with him. It's barely been two days and I am missing him like crazy, Ima start counting the days soon. How can I deal? And when he does write should I approach the subject? Or let it be until he gets back? Please give me your thoughts, and advice and anything else!

Thank you in advance for the thoughts!

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Welcome! Im not too sure about the whole not making it official bc I was with Alex 2 years before he left to boot camp, but if you feel strongly about him then go for it!! I would let him know in your letters and see what he feels about it. I dont think you should live life with regrets, so go for it! Worst case scenerio he says no then it'll be his lost. But I don't think he'll say that from what you said! Goooood Luck!

Thank you :) I guess I'm mostly worried I'll overwhelmed him and he'll have a lot of stuff in his mind already I don't want to add to that. But I will definitely let him know that i'll wait for him.

Personally I think it'll motivate him more. He'll know he'll have a girl waiting for him back home. :)

I sure hope so! I cant wait till he writes. I'll be sure to tell him tho :)

Oh wow! I commented on your story just now before I read your comment :) Travis(my guy) and I never actually talked about what would happen in 3 months. I know ill be here. And i told him i'd be here when he came back, I guess maybe he was afraid we were moving too fast? He knows I really like him though and that I think he is incredibly amazing. I doubt I was a fling but I guess since he wasn't up for the commitment I'm second guessing that? We did speak about dating in different circumstances but I just wanted to say well why not now? I regret not saying it.

Well, in all my letters I keep reassuring him that i'm crazy about him and I want nothing more than to be with him. and he told me that he asked his mom if I could ride with them to graduation! So I'm really glad to know that he really wants me here! And he told me that the more he's there the more he appreciates his family and especially me and he hopes something happens to us when he gets back. So that makes me feel alot better! Hopefully you and your guy work out!!

Thank you! I hope so too. And good luck to you!

We're kinda in the same boat. I'm not dating my guy yet. He actually said he wanted to wait til after he got back from bootcamp to make anything official just to see if I would still be here after 3 months. And of course i am. We had only been talking for about a month before he left but I'm crazy about him. I had knew him before we started talking but I actually didn't like him. But then I finally got to know him and that was the best decision I've ever made. He left June 27th for bootcamp. He actually wasn't supposed to leave July 25th like your guy was. I kinda wish he didn't leave til the 25th just so we would have had another month together to get to know each other more, but then again I'm kinda glad he did leave last month because now I've got less than 2 months to go! It's been really hard. Before he left I was staying with him all the time, so I got so used to going to sleep with him everynight. I've received 5 letters since he left and those were amazing. They are what keeps me going strong. The first week and a half was really hard, but once I started getting the letters things got a little better. But I do have some really hard days. And it's hard for me to stay busy because all my friends are either at college or they're just busy. And my family isn't ever really around. My mom is a truck driver with her fiance so she's only home like 3 days out of the week. And she doesn't seem to even understand what I'm going through. So I don't really have very many people to talk to. But I know I've gotta stay strong for Eric! He's got it a lot hard ther I do!