A Real Love At First Sight Love Story.......it's Really Long But It's Our Life.

I met my boyfriend when I was working at a restaurant in a small town in Montana early this summer, I was working the night shift and I was seriously ready to go home and be done with work...Then a party of 13 walked in, not all at once the first people I saw were this guy in a wheel chair and then I looked up and his friend(my boy) walked straight in front of me he looked right into my eyes and we both smiled. When his whole party got there I waited to serve him last, because I was kinda nervous to talk to him all I kept thinking was "I need to be with this guy". I finally got to him and lol he gave me the best pick up line I've ever been told working as a waitress, its cheesy but he said "I want a hero burger with fries and your phone number". Normally I don't give people my number at work so at first I told him "I'm sorry I don't give out my number at work" so he said he'd come back later after I got off work, just so he can get it and see my face again. So I actually ended up giving him my number exactly how he asked for it with his hero burger and fries......He didn't get a hold of me until the next morning he told me later it was because he didn't want to seem desperate lol. He texted me and we texted for about an hour when he told me "I'm going to be straight up here, I'm a Marine and I'm on leave and I'm leaving tomorrow morning and I'm deploying but when I come back I would love to take you out." It bummed me out at first I told him "I would love to go out with you but I'm moving to California in a couple months." I told him that I had to work all night again until one in the morning, but he wanted to wait for me he wanted to spend some time with me before he left. When work was over I ran home and changed into the cutest thing I could grab right away, and I met him at a grocery store because we lived in different towns so it would be easier to just meet in the middle. We had NO clue what to do, it was early in the morning so only the bars were open and at the time I was only 20 so we couldn't go there, so we ended up just driving in his truck for hours and then sitting at the grocery store just talking. We found out that we had so much in common and that he was actually based two hours away from where I was going to live. After talking for a few hours when he told me he wanted to give me something, but it wasn't there it was at his parents house. So we drove alllll the way to his house and when we got there we quietly went into his room, he took out his camies and ripped off his name tag. I was shocked I didn't even know he could do that I kept asking him "are you gonna get in trouble?" every two seconds he told me "I'm going to come back for this" but silly me who is a tad ditsy sometimes said "do I really have to give it back? :(". He reassured me of course not its just that he wanted me to know he was going to come back to me, because I am the most amazing, beautiful, smart women he's ever met and then for the first time he kissed me and for the first time ever I was so dizzy after that kiss......We ended up going back to the grocery store because we didn't want anything more then just kissing that night (my boys a gentlemen). So until six in the morning when he had to be home by seven to leave he spent his last night with me...........We text and called every night the whole time he was in California we both kept telling each other that we were falling for each other and never have felt the way were before. On July 3, 2011 he asked me out, I of course said yes, he told me by the end of this deployment he knew he was going to be in love with me and since he's only going to Japan he can talk to me all the time still....On July 10, 2011 my boyfriend deployed to Japan for six months, and instead of waiting till the end of deployment he told me "Not being able to talk to you for these few days made me think, I love you and I've loved you since the moment I saw you and you smiled at me" I told him I felt the same way..........Ever since then its been the most amazing experience in my life, I love him so much and I love him more each day we're away from each other. My boyfriend will be back December 10, 2011 for sure maybe a little earlier but I try not to think about it cause if it doesn't happen it will just bum me out....I'm here in California waiting for my man, and nobody can change that for me out of all the men in this world he's mine forever and always we're meant for each other. I've been in love before but not like this, i've never been able to say that I know i was going to stay with those boys forever.....I found my soul mate, love at first sight does exist sometimes. <3
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Super Cute Story!!!!!!! =)<br />
So happy for you two.

Super Cute Story!!!!!!! =)<br />
So happy for you two.

Cute Story!!! Best of luck to you! keep us updated on things. :)

of course.

That's so sweet! I love it!

Aww that really is a sweet story, true love really does exist. My guy is deployed right and won't be home until November. We started our relationship last December. I live in Chicago and he lives in NC. We've been a part the majority of our relationship but somehow we fell in love. I know in my heart that he's the guy for me.

Aweeee, that's how I feel too so I am very hopeful for you. Isn't it the most amazing feeling in your life? Every world you say to him just feels right in your heart...

thats such a cute story :)

Awe Thanks ya'll, I turned his name tag into a bracelet because it fit my wrist perfectly and I haven't taken it off since, and I'm meeting his family when he gets back because we're going to move in together when he gets out in July. :) He is so amazing, his best friend lost his legs and most of one of his hand and he's been there for him every step of the way. He has the biggest heart and I love him so much for that. He wants to go back to Afghanistan to support his friend but, since they aren't really going back and they aren't letting them stay in unless its for another four years he's not staying in and it really bums him out. :(

Oh my gosh! Aw that's the sweetest thing ever, straight out of a romance novel. Wish you the best of luck! (:

Aw thats such a cute story!! Im happy for y'all! :D