Got His First Letter.

Well I finally got his first letter ladies! I got it Friday the 29Th i was so happy, excited, just so many emotions were running through me the day i got it. when i first got it i wanted to cry with excitement. i went on a road trip to Reno so i wanted to wait an read it on the road. so we made a gas stop and as everyone went to get food i decided to stay and read it. My oh my ladies, i cried. I couldn't help it. He said he's doing okay as of now. What he did say that broke my heart was that he's homesick and there's days that he just cant do it. Interesting enough he didn't tell me he was sick. apparently he got bronchitis. He's been sick for 2 weeks now. His sister gave me a call that day that's how i found out he was sick. I already sent out 2 letter before i got his first one. How long does it take for them to get the letters? well I'm doing okay now. i get emotional here & there but that's how things are. Any advice helps, do so & its greatly appreciated. thanks ladies.
LittleMissAngie LittleMissAngie
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5 Responses Aug 2, 2011

thanks. im already waiting for his other letters. thank you girly appreciate it so much

Thats awesome you got his letter! Always makes me tear up when I get one. Also I hope your bf gets better!

mines in that platoon also!

omg! maybe they know each other!!

oh okay. i just didnt know how long til they got it cuz i heard their DI's keep them for some time too. He's in PLT 3215 yours?

I got two of his letters before he got mine. I think it takes around 4 days for them to get letters. ive fottan 6 so far and its his fourth week. I got 3 in one day, so its a little crazy. what platoon is he in?