Crossing My Fingers......=d

So today Caleb asks me "So do you want to hear some good news?" And I said of course! Well....he kept me waiting and waiting. And he was like ill tell you later. So finally he said that he might be coming home next week for recruiters assistance!!! His school is backed up so most of his class if trying to get approved for RA. Please cross your fingers and pray he gets it!!!!! I am already getting my hopes up even though I know how tentative the USMC is! Anyways I was so excited I had to share this with you ladies :)
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5 Responses Aug 4, 2011

sorry not a lady but i am glad to hear it wife was USMC but she was killed in viet nam

by fiance is finished with MCT on Tuesday and I am secretly hoping his mos isn't picked up for a couple of weeks so he can come home for RA. I'm not counting on it but it would be awesome! I hope he gets it! That would be amazing for the both of you :)

Yay! Thats awesome! I hope he gets it!

Yes!! It was so nice when my husband got RA..he was home for a whole month!! Hoping the same happens to you guys:)

Yay Congrats i'm definitely crossing my fingers for both of you!!