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I got his address from his mom last week and it is as follows:
2nd Bn Hotel Co. Plt. 2175
36001 Midway Ave.
San Diego, CA 92140-2171

I was wondering if this looked right because I noticed on some examples of addresses it didn't have the word "hotel" on it..

And another question is any of your guys with mine :D? Hope everyone is having a great day.
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My Marine is in oceanside, CA.(: thats close! haha.

July 25th

My husband is in platoon 2174.. haha. His recruiters told me 35051 midway ave. but his letters say 36001 so... i'm not sure.

Thats really odd..hmm. Ahhh man I was hoping they would be together. When did your husband leave?

Awww My friend/ the guy i like is in that platoon and yeah the adress is 36001(:

My cousin is in Hotel company. You'll be happy to know that that company/batallion is considered the "candy shop" one so thier DI's are nice to them. So that's lucky for them :)

That makes me really happy to hear, thanks for the info!!

Aw Travis address is the same except his platoon is 2170. Guess they aren't friends haha :/

Well crap haha :/

Hotel is suppose to be there. that's his company name. my marine graduated bootcamp in may from parris island.

Oh okay thanks, cause I mailed my first letter to him last Thursday and maybe I'm tripping out cause I haven't gotten one back. Awhh congrats to you guys.

it usually takes them a little while to write. I didn't recieve a letter for two weeks. and i had promised to write him a letter everyday while he was gone. he now has a friggin book. lol. but just keep sending letters out. it helps them so much. he constantly would write how my daughter and i are the only ones pulling him through and our letters helped. she's only 3 but she drew on his letters and he said he couldn't help but laugh at her contribution to his letters. but just keep writing and always remember his letters will get to you soon. if not today tomorrow if not this week there's always next week. but no matter what he's thinking of you and misses you as much as you miss him.

Thanks, I really needed to hear that. This really made me smile and encouraged me.