okay so i love my marine very much and i know i'm young i'm going to be 18 in november is it crazy to even consider marriage right now? i really do love my marine with all my heart i've been with him for two years. i want to wake up with him everyday and fall asleep with him. i'm just wondering what you girls think? thankss. :)
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thankss :) i misss him lol.

Yes do whatever your heart feels..if you think you guys can make it work, then go for it! Because you don't want to regret it if you dont get married..keep us updated and good luck!

i've known him forever since i was like 10 lol. i mean is it crazy to get married without living together first? because i mean living together anytime soon won't really be an option lol.

I say do what ever your heart feels is right . You guys have been together a while , and you guys could get engaged and maybe a year get married or something . Your never to young to fall in love :)

I don't think it's crazy, unless you've only known him a month or two. I met my husband in 10th grade when i was 16 and he was 15. We got married his senior year while i was 18 and he was 17, but we had a baby together and pretty much lived together for a year before we got married.. so i guess that kind of makes things a little different.