He Is In Boot Camp .

Well me and my boyfriend have been together 6 months and he is in boot camp right now . Before we got together he was my best friend , for about 4 years . Finally i gave him a chance , which was the best choice ever . He left jun 6 , 2011 & he graduates Sep 2 , 2011 . i think this has been one of the hardest things i have had to do. For about 2 weeks i was so upset , all the time . Now , i'm just proud to call him mine <3 
I dont think i could be any more proud of him . Even tho , i'm kinda nervous because i'm still in school and he isn't . I have read so many things about how some change after boot camp and things . I just hope everything goes well because i do love him so much .
The sucky part is when he is gonna leave me again , after 10 days . It's like a tease . But i believe we can do it :)
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My boyfriend left today. It hurts so bad right now.

Omg you are so strong, you survived a summer apart! I'm about to be in the same boat you are in because my boyfriend is leaving October 24...I bet you super excited because September is around the corner

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Be proud of yourself for waiting and being supporting, just as he has been making it thru boot camp. Both of what you are doing is so hard. You've made it such a long way and its almost over! I hope youre going to family day and graduation!! its a once in a lifetime experience :) even though its nerve-racking and awkward at first :P<br />
Yes it is tough to have him home and then he leaves again, i know this sounds sucky but its true, we have to get used to them being away. They are going to be more away then home being in the military. Youre actually at an easy spot. You KNOW when your going to see him. After boot camp is all about you either visiting them or when they can possibly come home. Its tough, but all of us girls are here for each other :) message me if you would like! my boyfriend graduated december 2010.