Okay Have A Quick Little Question For Ya'll About The Ball. xD

Heyy there peoples, okay so my Marine just invited me to the Marine corps ball the other day via skype (it's the most romantic way he could ask me it twas cute) anyway it's supposed to be sometime after he gets back from deployment. I was wondering...um....What do you wear to a ball? What's it like? I've never been to one and I really just want the 4-1-1 on this thing. I'm super excited but my mans never been to one either because outa the 4 years he's been in he's never had someone he really really wanted to show off and take...Which hearing that just makes me nervous sooooo if any of you have gone can you tell me Alllll about it please? Thank youuu


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OO WOW!!!<br />
<br />
This is my first ball too!!! <br />
I've never been, I've been alittle of every emotion since he asked me, Trying to find dresses feeling so special!!!! :D <br />
All I was told it needs to be formal, An classy. <br />
I hope you have lots of fun!!!!

awe thank you I'm sure it's going to be a blast I'm so excited!

Gotta love skype I just went to the ball for the first time last november. Our group was late though, so we missed just the beginning of the ceramony! But I suggest you get there on time lol especially so you can find were they have you seated. It wass all pretty cool, most girls had long dresses, some short. I was nervous about finding a dress cause every place I looked was too pricey or didnt have what I was lookin for. I ended up finding a really cute long black dress! I thought you could only wear Marine colors but there were so many different colors if dresses! But the above omment is right, make sure you come hungry and bring a jacket! The food was good but it wasnt the best I have ever had. Also make sure that your Marine has a everyhting he needs, youd be surprised how buttons come off when they take them to.the cleane rs! Just have fun! People danced but the area wasnt that big! but they give you really cool cups!

What ball did you go to? Where at? Mine was in November too. Getting there on time is good advice! I was early but there were people that came late. Originally it was suppose to be on Saturday night and then about a week and a half before it got changed to Friday night. Some girls had their plane tickets bought already though so they were just late getting there. I drove out so that was a little more convenient although I drove through the night so I could make it and have plenty of time. ;)

Excuse my grammar errors in my last post! I was typing from my phone! I went to the ball in Wilmington, NC. Where was yours at? I believe mine was on Saturday night! It was weird walking in late cause we thought we knew where our table was but we were wrong and everyone was staring at us! haha That's awesome that you live close enough where you could drive! I had to fly but I got out there like 2 days before the ball and I was staying for a week! Next time we go I will definitely have to check out von maur dresses! I didn't even think to look there!

Hey! That's exciting! I went last year with my bf. :) It was the first time we had either one been to it and he knew nothing about it. So I, being the girly girl I am lol, got online and did lots of research. I'll name off some things I can remember and then if you think of any questions feel free to message me. I know it is really exciting but nerve wrecking at the same time. It was actually the first time I had been to ba<x>se even so it was a weekend full of experiences. Where he is ba<x>sed, or will he be when he gets back from deployment?<br />
<br />
1. most girls wore nice floor length dresses<br />
2. hair: up or half and half, some even wore it completely down<br />
3. makeup: easy, not too heavy<br />
4. be sure to take a camera and be prepared to take pictures for him. I was one of only 3 girls with the guys from his class so I became the photographer, plus I have a slight photography obsession haha.<br />
5. the dinner was a full 4 course (at least, I can't remember for sure how many lol). I'm not a big eater anyway and I ate lunch earlier in the day, I learned I should have just had a snack because they definitely fed us good.<br />
6. this is kinda how our went: you go in and mingled, I met all my bf's friends, they had drinks and appetizers, then dinner, then a short program that was pretty neat, followed by cake and dancing.<br />
7. most of the guys left after the program so you may stay and you may not lol. <br />
8. be sure to take a jacket or something. We hung out outside a little bit after dinner and it was chilly. It meant his arm was around me though because he didn't have a jacket he could take off for me. <br />
<br />
This is all I can think of right now off the top of my head but I'll let you know if I think of anything else and if you think of anything specific let me know.<br />
<br />
P.S. I got my dress at Von Maur, I think I got my dress and shoes for under $100, they were both on sale. They were both on sale. It was a dark-ish blue dress with silver heels. My man was really excited because it matched his dress blues haha. I'll work on figuring out how to post a picture so you can see it. :)

Thank you soooooooo much he's in Japan right now at Hanson I think that's how you spell it I don't ever need to talk about it lols. His base in the US is at Twentynine palms, California in the middle of the desert. Thank you soooooooo much for all the info if I need to ask you anything else I totally will. I'll check out Von Maur right now and see what they have, I'm totally excited. A picture of your dress would be great I love seeing peoples dresses I like pretty things lols...Thank you again sooo much.

You're very welcome! I posted dress and shoe pictures on my profile under my pictures... that's the only way I could figure out to do it lol. They were taken right after I bought it and I was sick so they don't look the greatest by my man wanted to see them so I had to take pictures haha. :)

Awe your dress is cute very clasic...I was just thinking that i probably wont need a coat because it's going to be in Las Vegas and it's always really hot there but I checked with my friend that's gone to zillions of these and she says what you said is pretty much it...Thank you for the help :)