Hey ladies, okay so since my boyfriend left for boot camp things have been going well. Better than i expected actually. Okay so as of my countdown, my boyfriend graduates in 46 days, very exciting, and i wanted to see if anyone would be interested in telling me what to expect for family day & graduation. anything helps, from the do's & don't's to the if's & but's. i just want to know now so i can tell his mom & family what to expect when we get there. thanks :) hope every one is doing well
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ahhh!!!!!!!! I start ROTC in a month :S I'm so nervous I could throw up.<br />
My boyfriend returns on around next July.<br />
He's supporting me from afar and I hope with all my soul that all of our men know exactly how much we sacrifice for them. It's tough not knowing anyone at my new college.. This is the fourth time that I'm restarted my life. All I want to do is crawl back into my soldiers arms, bury my face in his ridiculously large pecs and breathe in his man scent.<br />
Since that's not happening, I have one of his favorite dress shirts that I wear to bed.. I spritz a little cologne on it and rub a little deodorant on and fall into a nice slumber. Hey, it may sound weird but it works. My heart doesn't ache and my stomach doesn't churn and my anxiety is postponed.

It will be here before you know it! It's an exciting time!! You're welcome! You will have such a great time seeing him! Take lots of pictures :)

Oh My!! Thank you soo much. I still have another full month before his graduation but im already excited and nervous. this really helps alot. and ill be sure to let his family know everything you just told me. again thanks so much

I did not know my boyfriend when he graduated from boot camp but i went to my brothers graduation in California! If I can recall right we had to wake up pretty early to get to MCRD in San Diego. They check everyones car before they let anyone enter! I'm pretty sure everyone has to get out of the car so they can check, but not 100% on that. Anyways you get in there and sometimes you have a little time to wait if you get there early enough and then they have breakfast for you! It's really beautiful there! Then they kind of talk to you about stuff and you see all of the Marines marching out in unison. You are outside during this time and then you get to watch your Marines last run! It's so hard because you just want to go hug them but you can't even talk to them yet! Then you go in an auditorium and watch a movie about the guys at camp, and they talk more. lol Then you can finally talk to your Marine!! You get to walk around camp with them, talk, eat, and they have lil clothing stores your can check out and history of Marine stuff. You can go to lunch there also, we didn't though. <br />
Graduation day you wake up early again and kind of do the same thing, except this time breakfast isn't free! lol then you can go to the color ceremony and watch the flag raise and stuff. Then you want to make sure you are in your seats around the correct time. Then all the Marines come out in their dress blues! It is truly a sight to see! It takes your breath away because you are just so thankful for all those young men! I will never forget that day! Then ater all that is done you get to go down and be with your Marine and then you get to take him home! You'll figure everything out though, it's pretty easy!! Congrats to your Marine and Semper Fi! Here is a website that can help you :)<br />
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