New, But Need Some Help!! :/

Hey everyone! ill start off by telling you a little about me and my soon-to-be-marine :)

my boyfriend and i have been together a year and 8 months. he graduated high school last year, and im a jr. he is in boot camp in San Diego. He graduates oct 14th-so we are half way through!! (: woohoo!! he is a reservist.. working as a repair person for communication devices (i have no idea what his entire job name is.. but he repairs computers, phones, ect.)
he told me (as well as his recuriter and the guy at MEPS) that he would get a call 4 weeks before graduation for travel plans.. well that call came last night... i was asleep... he called me 3 times!! and i slept through all 3 calls... i feel like s**t now... i havent heard from him in like 2 weeks.. and he calls me.. first call sense he arrived.. and i slept through it...

a few of my friends understand.. they started crying after they listened to the voicemail he left him.. (i break down every time i listen to it..) but a couple just tell me its no big deal... it makes me so mad... i just dont know what to do.. i really need some support... i feel so down.. i hate not talking to him..he is the one who always kept me going when things got tough.. he has been by my side through numerous horse shows, knee surgery, and pushed me to be able to run track after 3 months of ACL reconstruction.. i guess what im needing is some help... any advice to help me would be amazing :)

thanks! (:

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thanks! (: <br />
did your bf graduate from San Diego? <br />
we are staying out there an extra day or so and are looking for things to do.. my bf is staying with us... <br />
<br />
only 40 days left! (: woo hoo!!

im rele sorry you missed the calls!! you will get to be with him soon. just focus on that, its what will keep you goin till he gets here. i was a junior also when my boyfriend was goin through bootcamp so i understand that part. im here if you ever need anyone to talk to. ill be sure to help any way i can!!<br />
stay strong!!<br />

yeah its been hard! one of my friend really p****d me off though.. she was like well you just need to get over it. you cant stay up waiting for him to call. you have a life. im like thats not the point. he is 2000 miles away from me.. i havent heard his voice in 6 weeks.. i havent got a letter in 2... you flip out if you cant have lunch with a guy your not even dating... people make me so mad at times!! lol<br />
just 2-3 weeks apart!! lol after phase 2... did you get more letters? he is like 2nd week of phase 2 i think... <br />
im writing him every day... but i send the letters like every 2-3... i feel kinda bad cause he is probably overloaded with letters.. and knowing him he will try to reply to all of them asap. lol <br />
<br />
thanks (: