About To Attack The Mailman...

I hate snail mail.. just the delivery part. I like writing the letters and when I actually receive letters lol My boyfriend is at MCT and his friend that called me last week said he had mailed two letters... Okay well that was a week ago. I live in NC and MCT is in Jacksonville which is like 3 hours from my hometown.. Soooo I don't get how I haven't gotten them yet. It also worries me that he's not getting my letters that I've sent. I'm about to drive my mom crazy because I check the mailbox like 6 times a day untill it runs haha

Anyone's boyfriend at MCT or has been through MCT and know about the Mail?

praying my letters are there today :)
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3 Responses Sep 14, 2011

lol i know that feeling so well you'll get it soon hang in there i once got a letter in June that AJ send in January well he was deployed and he came home before i even got the letter lol so be patient eventually it'll come even if it's like in six months it'll eventually get to you!!

I give my mailman a scowl somedays if there is no letter. I know I shouldn't be upset with him but at the moment he's the closest thing that I can take my frustration out on.

My boyfriend is at MCT but hasn't been able to mail anything that I know of. I talked to him 2 weeks ago and he's been gone since then..I completely understand your frustration! I am not too fond of my postman either sometimes!