Amazing News:)

Sooo Alex graduates tomorrow!!! I wasn't able to go which really got to me these past couple of days I've been in a really horrible mood-_- Today was no exception, but like an hour ago he called me from his mom's phone:) It totally made me feel better!! They put pics of him on fb so I was also able to see him. I am soo excited to see him! He was like I can't wait to go home and lay down in my bed with you... little does he know he's coming home to a surprise party! I doubt he'll be laying down then lol He also said he's getting an extra 7 days!! That made me 10x more happy. He's gonna be home for 17 days:D Tomorrow is gonna seem like an eternity! But he's gonna call me again, so Im already looking forward to that!
I hope everyones day is going well:)
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i am so glad for you and i hope that you have an excellent time :)

I didn't get to go either :( which was so sad, but you will have so much fun! Good luck with your party and I hope you get to spend every second with him you can...enjoy!

how exciting! have fun at the party:)

Thanks everyone! I am def going crazy waiting till SaturdayXD but its so worth it! I will give y'all an update once our 17 days is up. I hope it goes well:) Once again thank y'all!!!<br />
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@bbwshorty94: I know exactly how you feel or will feel. I still feel like crap for not being able to go. If you ever need anyone to talk to Im here for you!!

CONGRATS!!!! i would go crazy waiting till he came home, spend as much time as you can together!! wish you the best!<br />

hopefully all will be good with me too since i will not be able to attend his graduation either. i have felt like trash because i can't go. i am sure you know how i feel. he atleast sounds excited that he gets to come home to surprise me....well i hope the surprise party goes well!!!

Yay and that's awesome about the extra week!!! Have a great time together :) Let us know how the surprise party went and the rest of the time goes!!!

Congrats to the both of you! Gosh, i fi were you i would probably just spend the whole day baking one thing after another just so i don't freak out from waiting. the last 24 hours is always the worst! I hope you guys have a fantastic 17 days together!

Congrats! Have fun tomorrow!

Gooooood news ^___^ goooo Alex! Thank God for RA