Aaaand... He's Gone ;(

I haven't written a story on here yet, and with today's events, I figured now would be a great time to do it so I can vent... Especially to people who actually understand. :)
So... My Marine (David) just graduated from Aircrew training (which lucky for us) happened to be only about 30 minutes from our home town so we were able to see each other at least once a week then every other weekend he took Special liberty so he could stay out of the barracks and be home with me. I knew it wasn't going to be like this all the time and I knew we were lucky with how close he was to me but this morning I had to say goodbye.
At 4 am David and I woke up and I took him to the Airport to go to Maine for SERE training... And oh my gosh... When he explained what they go through at SERE I thought about stuffing him in my trunk so he couldn't go! Luckily, it only lasts 2 weeks.. And then after that he heads straight to North Carolina for mechanic school and flight school for 8 months.
So I'm sure you all know that it sucks saying goodbye for almost a year (although the MC ball is in November and I'll see him then.. But that's all that is certain) but sucks worse knowing your saying goodbye as they're going to be beat up and tortured... But what upsets me the most is knowing he's worried about me and knowing he's upset because I'm upset. I know right now he should be concentrating and focused on making it through this thing in one piece and it will be stressful enough without me adding to it... so now I am sad he's gone and feeling guilty that he's worrying about the wrong things... But I guess no one can be strong all the time. I'm just going to try and look forward to November and remind myself that it could be worse.. At least it's not like boot camp or MCT where there is no phone access or Internet.
Well I'll end this now since it's become less of a story and more rambling lol. I just needed to get it out :)
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Thank you ladies :) that means a lot

i know what you mean even if things are not that far for us yet..just keep strong and if you need someone to talk to you can email me ...i have harly any friends to talk to about this kind of things they dont understand and just letting them out on this site helps a alot ...... im so thankful i found it....keep strong girl we are here for you =)

Its ok if you ramble on that's why us girls are here and we have this site so we can express ourselves. My bf is deployed right now and these girls have been more than encouraging when I have my days.