Worried About Later On...your Experience?

okay so not that im not grateful of how lucky i have been so far. nick has been in bootcamp since august 22nd, and hes done nothing but continue to become a better person, grow into a more mature adult, and love me even more. Im just worried that it will change. and that once he comes home he will become his old self if not worse...im scared he will start to take me for granted again and not stay this way :/...have your guys stayed the way bootcamp changed them? or does it eventually wear off?
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Yeah my bf left also august 22nd for bootcamp. He shows in his letters that he really cares and loves me even more. I haven't been too worried about him changing because he promised me that he wouldn't and I know that he always keeps his promises.

well my story is much to long to write here but i will sum it up for you. Before my then bf went to boot camp he loved and cared for me,but through his letters i started to see that he cherished me more and he started to see just how much I meant to him. So over time through boot camp i could see how much he changed. Family day and graduation were amazing events in themselves even though i couldnt be around my Marine too much. I always had to make sure he was with his mom and family first before me. (I ended up learning that this worried him and he asked his mom if i was okay since i was being so distant) but after that.....it was oh so amazing. <br />
I thought he was amazing before boot camp but after.....he was even better! He always opens doors for me, always makes sure i am cared for first and he definately doesnt take me for granted AT ALL anymore. Every single second he has he is always holding my hand or touching me and if not he is texting me wondering if i am happy.<br />
My fiance is everything to me and more- i worried about the same exact thing as you before i saw him....but after that.....i felt silly for even thinking those thoughts.<br />
So keep that head up girlie! if your man went into boot camp good, he will come back good or even better(like in my case!)

aww yay. thank you!(: