My Marine Leaves In 4 Days!!! ;(

My marine deploys to afghan this sunday for 7 months!! wont see him till march or april, i will be very lonely through the holidays :(
We have only known eachother for less then a month & were really hoping we can make this work through his LAST deployment!
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oh man i give you big props for hanging in there, its going to be so amazing when you guys meet and see eachother for the first time, especially after gaining such a strong relashionship off of communication & trust. Those are the 2 main things you should have in a relashionship cause without them your relashionship is really nothing. So excited for you girl, you defff will be hearing more from me as the months go on, i know this first month will feel like a year but he said he will skype me, FB me & call me as much as he can & i just hope he sticks to his word you know? I always have those thoughts but what girl wouldnt when her boyfriend is millions of miles away. Im also just scared for him i dont want him to get hurt or catch a sick disease, theres just so much running through my head its overwhelming at times, but i know we both can do it together, i love this site, everyones such a good support system in this group <3

babe you can do it! Ive been dating my marine for just about 2 months now and we havent even met. we found each other online and just kinda went from there. he was supposed to come up in august but then found out that he was deploying. Its been hard at times and I feel quite lonely but as long as you have good communication and you are true to each other you can do it. I know how it is being alone for the holidays as I will be going through the same thing so if you ever need to talk just message me. Keep your chin up and if it was meant to be it will last :)

it helps knowing im not the only girl going through this, ive never dated someone in the military so its allllll new to me!

You're fine here, actually you wont get in trouble and he wont either from the things you said. Nobody knows where your man is deploying from. You don't need to delete it.

Hey girl! My names Bri and my boyfriend just got deployed to Afganistan last month and wont be home till April either. Stay strong! deployments are hard but you can make it! and its his last one so just stay positive and write a bunch of letters :) Best of luck!

ohhh ok that makes so much more sense, thank you i appreciate it!<br />
goood lookin out ( :

im new to this..what is opsec???

Found this to better explain it :)

-Operations Security, or OPSEC, is keeping
potential adversaries from discovering our
critical information. As the name suggests, it
protects our operations – planned, in progress,
and those completed. Success depends on
secrecy and surprise, so the military can accomplish
the mission faster and with less risk. Our
adversaries want our information, and they
don’t concentrate on only soldiers to get it.
They want you, the family member.

Sorry to hear about your marine leaving, stay strong! <br />
Don't wanna sound rude, but please inform yourself of OPSEC and erase the dates, <br />
for the safety of your marine and the guys that are with him.