Hello! (:

I'm new here but I have been reading through everyone's stories for the past couple hours and it is SO comforting to hear from people who know EXACTLY what i am going through!! (: My boyfriend and i have been together for 2 1/2 years now and our relationship has never been stronger. We have made it through his bootcamp and now he is currently just about to finish up MCT. The time apart has definitely allowed us to take a step back and reevaluate ourselves as well as our relationship and it has brought us so much closer in way that I didn't even know were possible! He is currently at Camp Pendleton in San Diego. I was pretty excited to get a phone call from him a week ago asking if i could drive down to the base so that we could spend his "overnight liberty" together for my birthday!! It is a pretty long drive but every second of it will be worth it to be in his arms again for one more night before he goes off to MOS school on the other side of the US. He even got out of having to do his firewatch because he won this race in which the prize was not having to firewatch for the rest of MCT! yeayy!! i am soo excited! now we can spend two full days together and one night! I am counting down the days! only 10 more! It really is great to hear how supportive and helpful everyone is! This site well definitely come in handy the next time I'm feeling down! Looking forward to sharing all of our stories!

oooooohhrahh! <3<3
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Thanks for your support girls!!! it is very nice to meet you guys!! (: I am also here for both of you if you wanna talk! much love! <3

Hey girl :) I'm britt. My marine and I have been together about 7 months but have been close friends since 11th grade. He's about to be in NC for flight school and mechanic school. Welcome to the site and feel free to message me if you need to talk :)

Hey girl, my name is Courtney my future marine or boyfriend thing haha is in bootcamp. I was with josh 2.5 years and he broke up with me a month before he left! He has been writing letters but anyways enough about me! (: If you ever need to talk I am always here to talk too! <br />
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Semper Fi<br />

It's really nice to meet all of you girls! (: I didn't mention this but my name is Andrea! <br />
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Storm: Best of luck to you guys! I hope everything works out in your favor! Hopefully some of your strength will rub off on me when James finally gets deployed. But regardless of when your wedding is, when it finally does happen, I'm sure it will all be perfect!! If you ever would like to talk, feel free to message me anytime! <3<br />
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Elizabeth: I'm not sure where he will be stationed yet! hopefully it's still somewhere in the United States though! because he said that he could go to Japan and that would makes things even more hard for me knowing he's in a completely different country! =/. Ahh yes, MOS will be an awesome change cuz right now i'm only restricted to the weekends! blehh but that is definitely better than nothing!! Thanks alot for your support! I am here for you as well if you ever need to talk! (:<br />
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Lizzy: Nice to meet you! (: They have overnight liberty the weekend before their graduation. If i remember correctly Sean is at Pendleton right?? Well this would definitely apply to him if he is! you should ask him about it! I'm sure if you could make it out there, he would be extremely happy to see you! (: and if you can't make it that particular weekend, the weekend before that one they have all day ba<x>se liberty which means you will be able to go with him anywhere on the ba<x>se and spend the day with him! Looking forward to chatting with you more! <3

Welcome to the site! My name is elizabeth as well but i go by lizzy. My fiance just left for MCT 2 days ago. :) There is such thing as overnight liberty? I thought there was only liberty on graduation before he leaves to go on the plane to his MOS. <br />
Well either way.... Congradulations on being able to see him so soon!

Welcome! My names elizabeth and I just moved to north carolina with my marine,shawn and our daughter izabelle. Does your bf know where he will be stationed for mos? How exciting you will get to spend your birthday with him..what a great present! Mos will be nice because you guys will get to talk all the time! Keep in touch..feel free to message me if you ever need to talk or vent!

Hey I'm Storm and AJ is my fiance and we've been best friends for as long as i can remember and together for three years we planning on getting married in August but this is the marines and he is deployed so it may not happen but hoping like really hard lol!! welcome to the site and the best of luck with everything these girls are amamzing and have some great advice!