Oh Man.. Days Like Today I Wish He Were Here

So the past few days have been great and then this morning I woke up knowing today was going to suck! Don't ya hate that? Lol. Well I need to vent soo...
I actually have a condition called Endometriosis that causes a lot of pain and problems with my hormones and female stuff and have been being treated with a drug that put me into early menopause temporarily. Well... David and I talked about it a couple months back and decided when my time for another dose was up I wasn't going to get it because we were wanting to try and have a baby. (although I'm only 23 my doctors have suggested if I want children I need to do so soon due to my problem since it eventually causes infertility and I already have so much trouble with it) We both feel ready even though we aren't married, we know we want to be together so... Yeah... Anyhow, my medicine is now gone from my system or trying to be so my hormones are RAGING!! I'm fine and laughing one minute then crying my eyes out the next and getting so angry. I hate feeling that way when I know there is no real reason I'm upset. It just can't be stopped!
And then there is work. I live in a tourist town and At this time of year we have older people coming down to the south for the winter and some of them are so mean!!! (no offense to ANYONE in the north lol we have mean people here too I just tend to not have them come into where I work) anyhow.. Since my hormones are crazy I keep getting upset with customers that are rude to me for no reason other than they can do it and I have to smile and take it. So that on top of nausea and headaches from the hormone changes I am more than fed up. All I want is to have him here to hold me and tell me it's all going to be alright but I haven't been able to even text him. ;( it just sucks.
*BUT during the typing of this little rant I got a text message from my love!! He is out of the woods from SERE a day earlier than expected!! He is sore and lost 17 pounds in the last week but I get a phone call in a bit and I can't wait!!! I'm a thousand times happier then I was at the beginning of this letter lol*
I don't get to be near him but I atleast now have contact. =) thank you for listening... Or reading rather.
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Hang in there girl:( but how exciting you guys are going to start havings kids! Shawn and I have a 4 month old daughter named izabelle..we love every minute of being parents..even though it can be hard and stressful sometimes we wouldn't change a thing! We are thinking about trying for snother one before he deploys next may..good luck with everything and keep us updated:)

Lol thanks, yeah he called me and we talked for an hour and a half about his experience and he said it was the hardest thing he has ever done. I don't know if you know what SERE is because I don't think all the marines have to go but it's basically a training exercise to teach "survival, evasion, resistance, and escape" in the event of being captured in war. Anyhow the first thing he said on the phone was "I saw you last night." I was like "ummm, how?" apparently after days of no food or sleep and being in solitary confinement he started to hallucinate. :/ I walked through the door and sat next to him and we had a 15 minute conversation.... I didn't know if I should be flattered his mind went to me or worried I'm dating a looney. Lol but apparently everyone hallucinated things. Just most of them thought bugs were crawling on the walls and weird stuff like that haha. <3

haha its so funny how just when you think you cant hold on anymore or whatever and then BAM outta no where lol something amazing happens! Hang in there girly! (: Good luck in everything else! You are very strong I admire you! <br />
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