Ahh The First Of October....

So I told myself I would stop dreading and lving my life as a countdown until my bf leaves for bootcamp training at the end of this month, but  I can't help it. However I"m going to explain my reasonings
1.) After my bf took the test, he got aviation as one of his options however he wants to pursue it but truly he wants to do the marines so he can get the upperhand in being a state trooper one day but he hasn't done any of his research so I don't want him to be doing all these extra stuff and he doesn't become a state trooper when he grows up
2.) His recruiter is so unclear about his career path options...like MOS wise
3.) I don't want his permanent base to be somewhere in Japan! He has a single mother with three younger brothers and sisters...they need him!
4.) I love him so much and  I feel so selfish but...I DON'T WANT HIM TO LEAVE, I CAN'T SURVIVE WIITHOUT HIM, HE'S MY OTHER HALF

I'm trying to be strong but it's scares me to death knowing the date is approaching...my heart beats so much faster knowing that someone I have loved for the past 4 years won't be in the same state as me and we will barely have contact for the next 3 months, and after he comes back for his break, 3-6 months after.
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I was scared of Christian leaving for army so i was in panic mode. It caused some arguments but we sat down and talked about. He bought me flowers because I was crying one night <3

Awwww, I have a wall dedicated to my recruit in my dorm room, one night I was looking at it and playing slow songs off my MP3 and I couldnt stop crying

I see where you are coming from, I felt like josh leaving was going to be the death of me. Me feeling that way towards him though cause a lot of tension and we ended up breaking up a month before he left! I would really try and support him and just know you WILL be okay. as hard as it is, like i promise you, you will be okay. Just being there for him and not worrying so much will be the best! If you ever need to talk to me you can! I am courtney btw! Stay strong girl!

Thank you soo much Courtney, that made me a feel a whole lot better. I told myself I'm not going to cry when he leaves because it will make my recruit feel a whole lot worse