Just One Of Those Days...

Do yall ever have those days where you just miss your marine so much that it feels like anytime someone says "hey whats up" all you really wanna do is start rambling about him? well thats kinda what i'm trying to avoid doing. I have nothing really to do today because i'm supposed to be studying but all i am really accomplishing is reading other stories on here and thinking about him. Being sick just seems to make it that much worse because i just want him here to make me feel better. I know he'll be home in a little over a month but time just seems to be dragging. I send him texts i know he won't get anytime soon and i've reorganized my room multiple times just to distract myself. I feel bad for going on and on to my friends who just dont get it. But i don't really know what to do...besides hope for a phone call tonight...
Lexie19 Lexie19
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2 Responses Oct 2, 2011

thank you so much! i'm so glad another day is behind us! <3

i know it sucks. and it doesnt matter how close they are to coming home, it still hurts:( try writing about it. like just sit down and write everything that youre thinking. it makes things a little easier for me. and then when youre happy and with him you can look back and see how far you have come. go do something, anything at all with your friends or something. just anything! today is almost over. and everyday is one day closer! itll be over so fast. im here if you wanna talk, semper fi girl! <3