Dear Usmc...

Dear USMC, You could go ahead and send my boyfriend home anytime soon! I would very much appreciate that. You see he needs to come home now because I know he's been extremely stressed out about not getting deployed and stressed because I know how much he wants to get out of Japan and either come home or at least get stationed somewhere else. While you're at it you could go ahead and send the other ladies' their men home too! :) I think everybody would be happy. So this is why I think this is a good idea.
With love from, Catie :)

haha wow I really just typed this out? oh well it made me laugh and I needed that today.
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This made me laugh too...I feel the same thank you :)

I agree!!!! If only it could happen.....

haha I did that on my facebook a while ago.

It would be great if all it took to get our men home was a letter like that!! Maybe if every girl on here wrote one like that?? If only those 5 sentences would do miracles...

haha that would be amazing!!! to bad things arent that easy

they need to listen to that!! you did ask nicely lol if it was only that easy!

I did ask nicely, soooo they should let it happen haha.

OMG I would love it if they did lol. When does your Marine come home??

his recruiter sent in an RA request for september and october, obviously september didn't happen so I'm hoping in a couple weeks but I haven't heard much from him anyways so I dont know what's going on :( hopefully this month though!

I'm sorry :( I got my fingers crossed for this month for you :)

Thank you! my fingers are crossed too

hahaha that made my morning cause its sooo true!!! i would be happy if they sent my boyfriend back...

Now if only the USMC would listen haha

exactly! that would be the best though if they did listen haha