Marine Fiance...

hey guys, i know iv been M.I.A these past few weeks but when josh comes home he
kidnaps me.
But so anywho, josh just left on the 4th and should be back to vist in a few things are getting better and better
but now i have to workout extra hard because when ever he comes home he feeds me to death.
so i have to learn how to eat better and work harder on my body. and i also just found out that in order to get base housing we have to be on a waiting list
so i was pissed about that.. so we should be getting married soon..i just have to find out when and where!
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He just got stationed in 29 palms and they told him that they would talk to him more about living off ba<x> i'll keep what you said in mind thank you so much.

I am still pretty new at all of this but we are getting married in Dec and I will be moving to Caliornia to be with him. If you have any questions just send me a message. My Marine is an officer so if I don't know something I am sure I can find out for you.

My fiance is stationed at Camp Pendelton and he and most of his friends prefer to live off ba<x>se. He says it is nice when he gets off work to get away where as if you live on ba<x>se you never get away. Most of the time by living off ba<x>se you can actually make money, because the BAH is more than what they spend a month on housing. Just somethings to think about. Dont rush in to getting married just so you can get on a waiting list.

Thats really good to know..thank you so much

Yeah were we live in camp jejune and there is a 2 year waiting list. But people say they hate living on ba<x>se. My husband said it's nice to get off ba<x>se and be But we live 5 mons from ba<x>se And it's really nice and if u live on ba<x>se they don't give u bah.