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Look ladies, Im not trying to offend anyone at all. You are all great, I read about your lives almost daily, and I feel like I know a lot of you. You are a different breed of girls..strong, faithful, and supportive to your Marine or Recruit..and I love and respect that about all of you. You ladies are an inspiration to me. You girls give so much..not only all of your hearts, but your time and even putting youreslf last in every area. Its beautiful because it shows what you feel for your men is real. Heres the thing that gets to me though some of your men dont realize whats in their freckin face. And I know we support our men, and thats great..but relationships are give and take and if you are the only one doing the giving, I'm sorry but thats crap, you can only give so much. If the Marine you are giving your all to cant realize that or isnt giving back then I'm sorry but plenty of other guys will be waiting for someone like you. Idk it just feels like a fire has been lit under me, and I just want to remind you ladies that you are of worth and value and as much as our men go through on a daily basis they should make you feel that. I've just been reading a lot of stories going back to three weeks and it hurts me when I read your painful stories, as weird as that sounds. I know life with someone is work and its not always smooth sailing. But whoever you are reading this please understand how brilliant you are, never feel like you are not good enough. Cause you are the only one of you ever known to mankind and that makes you one of a kind. Semper fi!!
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I agree with you, many Marines and other enlisted military men dont treat their women right, and they do deserve better. I am a Marine wife (soon to be divorced from a Marine, though). I must say, dont always look at Marines as innocent. Ive seen 38 marriages, including mine destroyed because of cheating, lying, unfaithful Marines. Im sorry, but just because they're fighting for our country doesnt mean they can treat their wives like crap and get away with it. There are A LOT of wonderful men out their, military or not, just dont want to see any women get hurt worse because they feel obligated to stay with their husband or boyfriend just because he's military. (Yes, ive seen it first hand.) I stayed for 4 years after my husband started to cheat and it only made things worse! Hope y'all are being treated right, and dont have "a bad Marine" like i did, its true, you do deserve better!

You just put the biggest smile on my face, honestly made my night that much better. Thank you. Semper Fi. <3

Semper Fi <3

Im sorry but this story kinda makes me mad... When i first met josh i knew what i was getting myself into, a marine, that he is only gonna be with me for about another year and then god knows when he will go, but love has no boundries and love waits. "there are few very strong women out there, God made their match a marine" i know you mean no harm in this story, but if you truely love someone you would go to the ends of the warth and back for them and with them. My marine is a good one and treats me right and is he nicest, sweetest, most gentlmen like man i have ever met, but i come second to the marine corps i know that, i've always known that, but when he has a rough day and lays his head down he thinks of me not the corps. I understand that if your marine is just a marine and not a boyfriend, fiance, or a husband then yes there is a bit of a problem but all these girls realize their man is a marine first not by choice but because thats what they both signed up for.

Thank you ladies for all the nice commenst, I agree with every single one of you, and this story was written through crap I've been through personally and I don't want any of you to go through that or think you are less than what you are. You girls rock.

Very well written and very true!

AGREED! And i love the " I think some girls want sympathy, but they don't want to be single, so they put up with all sorts of crap. "<br />
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And I did it in the past with my ex. Now, not having to deal with all his bullshit and having a guy oh TREAT ME RIGHT is beyond amazing! And until you've had that, it may feel like you've got the best you can get. You're wrong. Until you're wondering every day how the hell God managed to match you two up because even after marriage and distance he still makes me grin and has not purposefully made you cry and put you down.... oh my gosh it's beyond amazing. It's something worth waiting for, worth leaving a douchebag for. Douchebags don't get it. Pretty sure it's not in their blood.

I agree with you. But there are always stories on here about a guy being a jerk and "what should I do?" and everyone tells her "you don't deserve that!" and then her next story is "we are good now I love him so much!" I think some girls want sympathy, but they don't want to be single, so they put up with all sorts of crap. And I've done that before, so I understand. But I look back and regret the time I wasted. You are so right, a lot of it has to do with self worth. When I met the man who is now my husband, there were certain things I just wouldn't put up with and I had clearer boundaries and expectations. I like how Dr Phil puts it "You teach people how to treat you." Your man should be enhancing your life and adding joy to it, not heartache. And you should do the same for him. :)

<3 That was really nice. I agree with you. If josh wouldnt have been writing back I would be outta here! There are plenty more fish in the see! Good job girly! These girls need to know that! <br />
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Semper Fi!