Finally I Know Something!!!!

Hey girls,
So guess what!!!!! So after 3 weeks of nothing from my fiancé today I got on the website for his platoon and unit in Japan and there is an article of where they are what they have been doing. I almost peed my pants with excitement. Finally I know where he is and that he is safe I feel like a million bucks right now. They reason that they couldn’t tell us anything before they left was because where they are there was a terrorist attack the week before he went over there and marines were actually killed so they weren’t allowed to say anything. There is even articles on FB about what they are doing and well I am not going to say exactly where he is but he is in the Philippines building a school and there is actually a video with him in it talking about what all they are doing. I am not gonna lie when I saw him standing there I freaking cried three weeks of worry and no communication and then there he was all of a sudden on my computer screen talking yea I lost it call me a baby I cant care it was awesome!!!! So anyways yes still a little worried just because of the attack that happened a few weeks before he went but for the most part I know he is ok and he is helping people which is AMAZING!!!! Still no word from him but seeing where he is I now know why he hasn’t been able to have contact. For those girls that I am friends with on FB I put the link on my page so everyone could see I am soo proud of him and what he is doing. Where he is is a very pour place and the people have next to nothing and it really makes you appreciate what we have here in America. Anyways just wanted to let yall know what was going on. Now I am just ready to talk to him. I started getting him a box together yesterday and that takes my mind off of him being out of touch. I love care packages. The second I know he is back on base in Japan I am sending him the box because I know after not having anything for so long it will be nice to have some touches of home when  he gets back on base. Hope yall are all doing good.
Check in soon!!!
~~~~Semper Fi~~~~
<3 Aly
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^^ OMG!! I'm so happy for you. Even though it wasn't from him, God knew it was time for you to hear something. AND you got to see him!!!! That's amazing. I'm glad he's taken care of. I'm sure he was hoping you saw it. Maybe there was one point when he looked at the camera that he was thinking of you. Take care and God bless. =)

im glad he is doing ok!! and hope everything goes well.. and hopefully he can contact you asap.

Thats seriously awesome. I know it must be an awesome feeling knowing that your man is making a difference! All our men are by serving! Anyways Im glad he's safe:)