My Marine

I met my Marine my junior year of high school. He was a senior at the time. We flirted back and forth during class and always enjoyed eachother's company, but it never worked out to be in a committed relationship at the time. He came back on leave not too long ago and we began dating right away. He warned me about how tough it would be. He told me about the deployments, the time away, and the distance between us. None of that mattered to me. We've now even taken into consideration the possibility of getting married so i can live on base with him in Hawaii and not have to be without him. I can't imagine my life without him and I'll do anything it takes to show him how proud i am of him. He plans to come back as soon as he has enough leave days saved up so we can get married and i can return to base with him. I'm looking forward to my future with him!
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My boyfriend is in bootcamp right now for the Marines :/ its pretty tough! hes gone for 9 1/2 more weeks.

hey, I'm Lexie. Welcome to the site! Being a marine's girl is definitely tough sometimes but this is a great support system to get thru the toughest days :)