Trouble Coping Through Boot Camp

I met my boyfriend Jonathan in our senior year of high school which was just last year. I started going to college in september and Jonathan wasn't doing much because he only had a homeschool transcript and at the time I started school, they had told him they didn't accept homeschool transcripts in the Marines and that he would have to get an actual diploma or 12 college credits. That all changed so quickly. Shortly after I started school, his recruiter got in contact with him and told him that they had changed the rules and now would accept his homeschool transcript. He had told him he wouldn't leave until January 24th, which gave me some time to come to my senses with it. He then got a phone call on October 18th saying something had changed and he was next in line to go and he would be leaving on October 24th rather than January... I was not prepared at all, nor was his family. Now that he is gone, my world has come crashing down. He is going to not only miss Thanksgiving, but his birthday and Christmas as well. He is scheduled to graduate on January 20th followed by a 10 day leave. I am ecstatic. I thought that after he left I would be able to pull it together, but the tears will NOT stop. Everything I do reminds me of him and I am having a lot of trouble living my life... Any words of advice?
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My boyfriend left the same exact date and will be graduating the same exact day ! I know exactly what you mean ! The years come when ever they feel like its seems like I can be alright one minutes and the next my world comes crashing down. I think what's helped me most is writing him every night, I also have a journal I write in. It's so hard it really is and I can't believe he left on such short notice :/ but everyone says it will get better hopefully we get letter soon, if you want to talk just message me were in the same exactttt situation, stay strong :)

Hey girl, I was the same when my boyfriend first left for bootcamp. I still am somewhat teary when I get his letters and that's usual but, now he graduates in 2 weeks :) Just try and keep yourself busy and time will fly! I still have days when I'm sad and just want him home and I'm pretty sure that's normal too lol. But, if you need to talk anytime message me :) Good luck girl!

Think about it this way... <br />
by the time you were expecting him to leave, boot camp will be over! And you two will be all happy and cuddly. :D The sooner they leave the sooner they come home! Keep the end in mind. <br />
Focus on school. be happy you have such amazing memories. don't get sad, those memories are a good thing. and you will get plenty of opportunities to make more.<br />
I know it's hard, my bf graduates January 6th and I want nothing more than him to be here, especially when I go to bed... but I just think about graduation and it makes me happy again.

It will get better, I promise. The first few weeks are the hardest, but once you start getting letters, it'll be much easier to handle, and time will go by so much faster. :)

I wrote him a four page letter already and i cried the whole time i was writing. I am still waiting for my first letter. to be honest, my biggest worry is that while he is there... he will decide he doesn't love me anymore.

Hey im Kathalina and my marine is Cesar <br />
boot camp does suck a whole lot. When Cesar left i felt like my best friend was taken away from me. But then i got his first letter and everything started to get better. I didnt cry to much when he was gone but the first day i cried so much. Oh i know how you feel that everything reminds you of him. All of Cesars friends are mine so i didnt even want to go out with them much. But now that he is in MCT i go out more and i dont want to be all sad in my room because i know he wouldnt want me to do that. Stay strong girl it will all get better soon. You should start writing to him now even if you dont have his address yet but it helps. <br />
if you ever need anything message me :)