People Change....

As many of you know Chris my bf is deployed but yesterday we decided to take a break and see what happens when he comes home... Well I looked at his fb today and he took ever picture with me in it off there and untagged himself out of all mine.. The way he's acting now I think it's over for good.
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3 Responses Oct 30, 2011

My boyfriend just left for boot camp and its my biggest fear that he will decide he dosn't love me anymore. i am so sorry this happened to you!! stay strong, everything happens for a reason. Who knows... maybe he will come back and decide he loves you more than he ever has. i have hope for you girl.

You know before josh left he did the same thing!! Like it killed me he even took all my pictures down out of his room. I dunno if its like a security thing, I kinda think its like he is doing it so he doesnt get hurt. Like he wants to hurt you so you dont hurt him? Does that make sense, it kills i know :( i am sorry girly keep your head up. It'll hurt less and less everyday! I promise! I am always here if you need anything! <br />
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Aw I'm sorry girl!