Care Package For Someone Not Deplyed, Got Any Ideas Girls?

My boyfriend is stationed in Yuma, and isnt in major need of anything but i want to send him a sweet care package. The thing is, hes going to try out for SRT real soon and has to be in top shape so i cant send any junk food. Besides pics, letters, what else could I throw in there? Any advice is much appreciated ladies :) Thanks!
Lexxxie18 Lexxxie18
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4 Responses Nov 12, 2011

umm i always add random toys like water guns and little games dumb stuff that can be entertaining when they're bored. and practical things that they need like hand warmers/ minifans, wet ones, Qtips, etc. And if you cant send junk food you could definitely send some healthy snacks :)

My boyfriend is in Missouri for his MOS and he says it's cold all the time, so I'm sending a warm blanket and hoping he can use it :) also candy ( which you can't send lol) and some toys because I swear he and his friends act like kids sometimes! @TrueLoveLasts is right, anything that reminds him of you will be good! He just wants to hear from ya! :)

Umms I'm a dork so I send things like coloring books and crayons haha, magazines are always nice, or you can make him a calendar with pictures of you on it. Just fun things, use your imagination put your personality in it. He'll like anything that screams you sent it.

definitely pictures! homemade love coupons (you can make them for things you can do when your together or apart), maybe send a healthy treat he would enjoy, funny lil things he might laugh at like silly putty, yo yo's etc, a nice shirt, jersey of his favorite team, and definitely the pictures! hope this helps!